I wanted to keep you, forever next to me ...,

The Name is Mikki, I'm 19 years of age and I ship everything, but mostly Zarry...the ship of sexiness, passion, and sweetness..oh and creativity, and I just love pizza when I'm hungry for inspiration <3

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Jesus Christ are we really still having the “don’t ship the boys” argument

I personally think all four of the boys are straight but I know and have talked to a few people (who are all lovely and I’m really glad I’ve talked to them) who ship the boys/think they are together/want them to be…

Thank you !!!! 👍🙏👏🙌

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part ii to anatomy 2118 which can be found in my “swirl fic” tag. you don’t really have to read that part to get this one tho. k enjoy. -GSF

Harry often used Normani’s back as his desk when he pretended to study. She’d lay across his lap wearing nothing but her underwear and one of his band…

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