I wanted to keep you, forever next to me ...,

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Anonymous asked: pressure


When it all gets a little too much, when life just kind of tilts on a very loose axis —Harry just kind of disappears. Not that he really tries to avoid anyone, he just doesn’t remind himself to keep track of the time. It’s an unplug on his life really, a shut down. And he knows he’ll reboot eventually, but Harry needs this. He needs his phone to go uncharged for a few days and the telly to be switched off. He needs to take walks —actual walks, where he has to throw on some joggers and trainers to stroll through the falling leaves of autumn, because when does he really get to even do that anymore? 

He likes to read Bukowski on his veranda and to write in his journal with a few pints by his side, and at night, he likes to draw himself a bath with a few candles, and when he slips into the steaming hot water, he feels good. So so good as he submerges himself up to his neck and breathes. 

And then there’s Zayn. 

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